Who we are

At Five Bioenergy, we are passionate about addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time: the responsible management of organic waste and the promotion of renewable and sustainable energy.

Guided by an unwavering commitment to environmental preservation and the development of innovative solutions, we are leading the way to a cleaner, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Our purpose

Since our inception, we have focused on the creation and development of renewable energy projects that transform waste management.

Our fundamental purpose is to reduce the pollution generated by this waste, converting it into a valuable source of energy: biomethane.

We recognize the urgency of addressing the reduction of pollution generated by organic waste, especially in the context of municipal waste management.

This complex problem drives us to valorize organic waste through the installation of Anaerobic Biodigesters, turning them into a valuable source of renewable energy.

What is biomethane and what are its benefits?

Biomethane is a renewable gas produced from organic waste.

It is virtually carbon neutral and takes advantage of natural cycles.
Not all types of biomethane are the same; it depends on the organic waste in question.

Renewable green gas is produced from organic waste such as manure, slurry and residual materials, as well as from renewable raw materials.

Valorization of waste for the production of "renewable" energy in a sustainable manner.

Continuous production of renewable energy from livestock wastes and effluents that allow livestock farms to become more profitable, efficient and sustainable.

Reduction of atmospheric emissions due to waste decomposition and GHG (greenhouse gases).

Promote the development of rural areas and job creation.

Reduced input costs due to digestate recovery.

Decrease ammonium content and leachates that contaminate soils and aquifers with nitrates and nitrites that are harmful to health.

The use of natural biofertilizers for agricultural use rich in nutrients.

Recovery of water in the process suitable for irrigation.


"We promote the development of biomethane plants, and the production of energy from renewable sources."


Five Bioenergy's Research and Development Program,
, which aims to become a national benchmark.

11 biomethane projects under development.

Management of more than 2 billion tons of organic waste.

Production of more than 1,600,000 MWh/year of biomethane.

Production of more than 15 thousand tons of biofertilizer per plant.

Generation of more than 16M Nm3/year of biogenic CO2.

Reduction of 176,000 Tm CO2 eq/year CO2 emissions.

The first plants are expected to reach financial close by 2024.

Commitment to provide real and profitable solutions to the rural environment and the primary sector.


Our projects generate a direct and indirect impact on the local economy based on the investments made during the life of the project.

We valorize organic waste for the production of energy (biomethane), through the installation of Anaerobic Biodigesters.

Large scale production is a key condition for us to supply energy (biomethane) to society in a sustainable, fast and profitable way.